Apr 16


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I would like to place an order, i would be glad if you can refer me to your sales team, and please confirm with me if you accept credit card for payment would their be any surcharge fees included? The shipment would be sent to Thailand but you don’t need to worry about the postage, i have a personal carrier that would handle that, all you need to do is to get the order ready for collection once it has been paid for.

Kindly get back to me so as to proceed.

Thank you
Robert Cann


This scam is another quite common e-commerce scam intended to make the merchants feel at ease with selling to person attempting to defraud you.

Stolen Credit Cards are the preferred scammer method of payment.

The comment about surcharge fees are meant to make the scammer seem interested/concerned about any additional fees, which are also being paid for with stolen credit card money. The truth is they can care less about anything other than defrauding you, the unsuspecting seller.

Although the customer is telling you they are shipping to Thailand, this is also false.
The shipping company they used will be paid with a stolen credit card as well and the items will be shipped wherever the originator of this scam is located.

Please do not respond to offers like this one and do not ship your goods or you will lose money. And, because the scammers pick up from your location and disappear, the shipping company may come after your business for the cost of shipping as well.

Beware of this e-commerce scam.