Ahmad Kadadha

Jun 02

Ahmad Kadadha (aka Ahmad Qudadha, Ahmad Qadadah)  is a known scam artist. As a business owner, he has placed orders in large amounts and has failed to pay back his debts.


He has defrauded online businesses for amounts over $2,500.


Last Known Address:

564 E Town Square Ct, Oak Creek, WI 53154

Last known phone numbers:

Previous Addresses:
Other known addresses:
Ahmad Kadadha – S&K
2200 W. National Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Ahmad Kadadha – S&K
1311 Watkinson Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53206
We have evidence to prove this please call us at 786-269-0629 for details and proof of unpaid invoices.
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Harris Richard of Sunway Trading Co. Ltd.

Oct 13

Please note that if you receive an email like this one below, you are being targeted for a scam. This is a dummy company looking to take your money.


Dear Sir/Madam

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SCAM ATTEMPT FROM: robertcann1987@gmail.com

Apr 16


from: robertcann1987@gmail.com <robertcann1987@gmail.com>;


I would like to place an order, i would be glad if you can refer me to your sales team, and please confirm with me if you accept credit card for payment would their be any surcharge fees included? The shipment would be sent to Thailand but you don’t need to worry about the postage, i have a personal carrier that would handle that, all you need to do is to get the order ready for collection once it has been paid for.

Kindly get back to me so as to proceed.

Thank you
Robert Cann


This scam is another quite common e-commerce scam intended to make the merchants feel at ease with selling to person attempting to defraud you.

Stolen Credit Cards are the preferred scammer method of payment.

The comment about surcharge fees are meant to make the scammer seem interested/concerned about any additional fees, which are also being paid for with stolen credit card money. The truth is they can care less about anything other than defrauding you, the unsuspecting seller.

Although the customer is telling you they are shipping to Thailand, this is also false.
The shipping company they used will be paid with a stolen credit card as well and the items will be shipped wherever the originator of this scam is located.

Please do not respond to offers like this one and do not ship your goods or you will lose money. And, because the scammers pick up from your location and disappear, the shipping company may come after your business for the cost of shipping as well.

Beware of this e-commerce scam.

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Morris Williams – ADEXEC MATERIAL PROJECT TEL: +256752342849

Mar 20

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hope this e-mail will find you in good healthy conditions.

This is Mr. Morris Williams from Uganda looking for as reliable supplier of:

Used Clothes………………… 20 Containers

Kindly let us know if you can supply our client the above by Insurance credit cover policy on open accounts and to be renewed every year accordingly so that we can make and confirm the order with you immediately.

Since our client basically interested in purchasing huge volumes of those items. Therefore, our client is interested in a long term business discourse with a reliable supplier and interested in starting business relationship with your company by adding us to some of your products on our supply line under open accounts by Insurance Credit Coverage and to be renewable every year.

Thanks ,

Best Regards

Moore Diamunds

Marketing manager


Morris Williams
Project Purchasing Personnel

TEL: +256752342849
FAX: +25641345597

-Certificate of registration for VAT: 29126-D
-Registration number: 799 526459
-Effective date amended: 1october 2002
-Certificate issued on: 10 may 2004
-Trade classification: 748

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Agro Megatrade Co. Ltd – SCAM BUYERS – alimuhammd1@gmail.com

Jan 08


Please note if you receive an email like the one below that you are being targeted by scammers looking to take your money. 


we are interested in purchasing your products and we sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relation with your esteemed company. Please kindly send me your latest catalog. Also, inform me about the Minimum Order Quantity, Delivery time or FOB, and payment terms warranty.Please contact us back Your early reply is highly appreciated. Thank You! Best Regards,

Mr.Ali Muhammed
(Purchasing Manager)
Agro Megatrade Co. Ltd
Tel: +60102149434

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